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2 simple rules to your news

  • It must be within the world of cycling and of relevance to our visitors.
  • You must have permission to make the news public. This could be in your capacity as a brand owner, distributor, agent or otherwise.

We reserve the right to remove any news that do not comply with these simple terms.

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Give a short and catchy titel to your news.

Here you can enter a longer text, which describes your news in details.

Choose one or more categories for your news. The information is used for sorting.

Brand logo
Upload the logo for the brand of your news.

Photo 1
This is the primary photo, which will be used on the front page and highlighted in the article. Please use a photo of 600 x 600 pixles minimum.

Photo 2 and 3
Here you have the option to upload one or more photos that can support your text. These will be displayed at the bottom of the news page in a smaller format.

Valid from and to
Here you can specify in which period you want to show your news. It may e.g. not be shown before April 1st (or later), and you can also decide when it is no longer current (valid until).
If you do not change anything, it will be shown from March 13 and for the rest of 2021.

Provide a link to a page where visitors can read more about the news. Enter the path WITHOUT “https://”. Eg. as:

If you have a video from YouTube or something else, you can enter it here and it will be displayed on the news page. Enter the full embed code. See how to find it. Click here.

Enter the email that the end customer can contact you on if they have questions or want to contact you.

If you offer to call for more information, a number can be entered here.

Facebook link
Indicate your Facebook page here WITHOUT “https://”. Eg. as:

Instagram link
Indicate your Instagram page here WITHOUT “https://”. Eg. as:

YouTube link
Indicate your YouTube channel page here WITHOUT “https://”. Eg. as:

Got any questions?

Please contact Christian Ritter from Nordic Bike Show.

Cell: +45 2042 0006