dutch design applied to the cargo bike

How can you apply Dutch Design to upgrade another Dutch icon – the cargo bike?

We asked ourselves a simple question: how would it look if we put users first? What are their habits, their concerns, their annoyances?

As with anything, the devil is in the details. With existing cargo bikes, people were annoyed by flat tyres, unreliable lightning and broken bells. They were concerned about safety. And they loved how they could skip the traffic jams and spend more time outside.

So we kept what worked and ditched what didn’t. We added custom designed wheel protectors to save fingers, 3-point seatbelts and ridiculously good brakes. Our tilt mechanism combines stability with agility, and German Gründlichkeit ensures the reliability of the electric powertrain. Our lights and bell have a cool feature: they work.

We couldn’t defy gravity, but we fixed a whole lot of other stuff.

The story

Patrick de Haan is father and founder of Patrick: ‘Having children changes you in so many ways, many of them unforeseen. It puts a lot of pressure on your time and priorities. It definitely made me more creative and efficient in how I plan my week. I started reflecting more on how we live, and the impact we have. How will our children look back on our lives, and the decisions we made? Will they have the same amount of freedom, the same access to resources?

If you start thinking that way, suddenly a lot of our habits don’t make sense anymore. Why take the car again, if you end up in a traffic jam anyways? eBikes are much more efficient in many cases. I don’t want to force people into different habits, but I would love to seduce them by making the alternatives more attractive. Safer. And simply more fun.

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