Ritter Cykler

Bikes matching the customers’ need

Ritter Cykler is your bike shop offering bikes, accessories and repairs. Our employees are eager to help you choose the accessories or bike that match your needs. Whether you need a mountain bike, road bike or a new commuter bike. Our experience is our advantage in choosing the correct combination of bike and accessories.

Ritter Cykler offers a wide range of accessories, components and bikes. The bike range includes mountain bikes, road bikes, cyclo cross, women’s bikes, triathlon, sports’ bikes, city bikes and children’s bikes – all of them from established quality brands.

When you purchase a bike at Ritter Cykler you will pick up a 100% ready to ride bike. A professional mechanic will mount it including reflexes and bell as the law requires it. Furthermore, the bike will be greased, lubed, tightened and adjusted for matching your needs perfectly.