Jupiter Ekstra

Experience unusual high customer service & bigger selection

In 2011 Jupiter Ekstra was founded and today Jupiter Ekstra include several shops in Central and Greater Copenhagen. All shops include state-of-art workshops and highly skilled staff. You can recognise a Jupiter Ekstra shop by the green logo. Jupiter Ekstra was founded for passing on the passion for cycling to the customers by offering a wide selection of quality bikes at the correct price.

We are driven by our passion for cycling in everything we do. A bike is not just a bike – it is a way of life. We strive for supporting our customers in obtaining good cycling experiences. With a wide selection of established bike brands, we can accommodate every cyclist whatever kind of bike they need.

Hence you never go wrong in checking out a Jupiter Ekstra shop because our selection is that wide and our stock holds plenty of items. Thus, you are likely to experience lead times at Jupiter Ekstra for a bike mounted and adjusted to your demands.