Bicycles for life

Coh&Co Copenhagen was born in the heart of the Danish capital to which its name refers. Bred on a cycling lifestyle and forged by the maritime background of its founders, Coh&Co Copenhagen challenges traditional bicycle design to bring new riding experiences, quality and a sustainable mindset to urban cycling. Their ideals are rooted in the thought that bicycles need to raise the bar on how we experience riding, maintaining and owning them.

Coh&Co is a product and design-oriented company, believing in the old adage that “Handsome is as handsome does” – their bicycle design and engineering activities focus on improving the ride quality and longevity of their bicycles. They like to say that they create “Bicycles for life”.

This year, Coh & Co presents two new models apart from their signature WOOCA frames; StoneWeave – a playful, sporty bike designed for everyday life in the city, and their bid on a light, long-lasting and spacious bike inspired by the Inuit’s “qamutit”, hence the name VeloSled.