Catalonia – the cyclists’ paradise

For decades the numerous Catalan bicycle clubs have made sure all the roads are explored to staying fit. During the weekends the tight corners and steep hills are perfect for enjoying good company and riding a bike. In particularly, the mountain bikers are attracted to the famous mountain passes Turó de l’Home, Coll del Pradell and Coll de Collfred. Or you can enjoy the beautiful coastline along Costa Brava, Costa Daurada and Costa Barcelona. If you are hungry the restaurants located along the courses offer several local menus.

Catalonia offers a mild climate, varied landscape, sea and mountains for inspiring to mountain bike courses at different levels of skills needed for dealing with the descends – all year. The total of mountain bike trails is 6,400 kilometres of varying technical level. The mountain bike centres have all the information you need including the option of renting a bike and furthermore, the option of a shower after the ride.