Butchers & Bicycles


Butchers & Bicycles is a Danish company, which is driven by the desire to create cargo bikes with unique driving capabilities. The company has invented a technology that makes it possible not to compromise on the driving experience but still offer the benefits of a 3-wheel cargo bike.

The Built-To-Tilt technology on Butchers & Bicycles MK1-E makes this cargo bike unique in terms of reaction time, safety and handling – this design allows you to lean into turns and navigating with the same flexibility and speed as on a 2-wheel bike.

The MK1-E model is designed to comfortably and safely transport 2 children. The bike is electric with Bosch Performance line CX motor and can be configured with various accessories and upgrades according to your needs. Examples of configuration options: Gates Carbon Drive (belt drive), automatic gears, children’s package and several cover options are offered.

The MK1-E is the perfect bike for the uncompromising family who value quality, exclusive design and freedom by transporting the family in a safe, fun and green way.