Active by Charlotte

Freedom to move

“Having been through cancer with Chemo and X-rays, I reflect even more on which lotions and creams I use on my body when I exercise and in everyday life. I need to be sure that the lotions performs for me while I bike, run, swim, walk or sunbath. But the lotions also need to comply with my demands for a healthy life”, Charlotte Bircow.

Thus, I developed “Active by Charlotte – the world’s first skincare line for the active family who takes care of their health”. Now the world’s first healthy skincareline for the active family is available for everyone who exercise and demand healthy products that performs and are allergycertified and without hormonal disruptive ingredients.

The Active by Charlotte products prevent any potential hassles when you run, bike, play ball, train, ski, swim, take long walks or your thighs simply rub each other in the heat and cause unpleasant blush. All products are without perfume, declared in cooperation with Astma-Allergi Danmark and Eco-certified.