The families are our most important target segment and we can only reach them by coming to them. The urban families are attracted to the bike shows in Aarhus and Copenhagen because they are located where they live. Furthermore, it is crucial for us that the bike show also take the children into consideration for giving the whole family reasons for visiting the bike shows.

A cargo bike is no longer an off the shelf product. The cargo bike needs to fulfill nearly the same functions as a small car except for queuing, finding space for parking and the high maintenance costs. Due to wide product line of options all cargo bikes sold are fitted to the needs of each family.

Our profit of exhibiting is to show the diversity in our product line by exhibiting several differently equipped cargo bikes and even test riding them with and without children. In particularly, the handling is unique for our cargo bikes. That difference is far easier to explain if they visitors have driven our cargo bike themselves.

Since the first year we have exhibited at first Copenhagen Bike Show. After every exhibition we have decided to exhibit again!

We return to the bike shows because it the perfect place for connecting with as well potential customers as the bike industry. Our core service is to repair carbon frames to maintain the original properties or change them according to individual needs.

No repairs will ever be identical. Hence, we like to talk about our services for informing on the options of repairing a damaged frame. Furthermore, we always enjoy the direct contact with the visitors.

We take advantages of several techniques which may be crucial for whether a frame can be repaired or not. Therefore, we also appreciate the opportunities to introduce our methods through presentations.

The bike show is the perfect opportunity for launching a new brand and product. We have seen other brands to the same. Many visitors and several reporting media connect us to potential customers and the media’s create brand awareness.

The locations in densely populated areas like Aarhus and Copenhagen also matters for us. We aim for the commuters by bike and most of them commute between the big cities and the suburbs all year round in all kinds of weather.

Our helmets with integrated lights and indicators are a perfect match for the bicycle commuters and therefore exhibiting at the bike show is an indispensable step in our branding process.

Direct customer contact matters for Canyon. The Bike Shows in Aarhus and Copenhagen are the perfect venues for exhibitions because we get the opportunity to connect face to face with our customers and understand what matters for them. As we sell directly online we communicate by mail or phone most of the time.

When we face a customer, we obtain a far better dialogue. Some things are simply easier to talk about if we stand next to the bike the customer takes an interest in. It is far more convenient to show details on the bikes and discuss best frame size, model and options for the customer.

Reason number one for exhibiting is the high numbers of visitors because the fairs are centrally located for our target segment to go and see the best bike for the best price.

We´ve been participating at the Copenhagen Bike Show for the last to years because we strongly believe it has a synergy effect between the two countries.

As an exhibitor, we can demonstrate the company´s presence to customers and tour operators, present our new products and compare them to other markets.
In addition, it is a great fair to follow the latest trends and innovations and gain an overview of the bicycle industry.

From this year´s fair, we´ve already started working with some local tour operators on walking & biking tours in Portugal and we hope we can strengthen these relationships for years to come.

Exhibiting at bike fairs is a useful way of gaining exposure and building brand awareness in the industry.

In both Norway and Sweden, Trimtex is a major player, and we aim for the same goal in Denmark in order to help more Danes in experiencing great times, while riding their bikes.

Trimtex supplies clubs and companies in a quick, flexible and reliable manner.

For getting the message across, we exhibit at trade fairs like Aarhus and Copenhagen Bike Show. We always meet potential and current customers for valuable talks and discussions. Furthermore, it is a real good opportunity for showing our new products and other upgrades of the product line.

We always aim for developing and improving, and we want to show those progresses. Aarhus and Copenhagen Bike Show attract a quite big and wide audience which matters for us.

Because we pursue to connect with as many clubs and companies as possible.