Prices for booths & registration

Booth or Walk & Talk exhibitor

Classic booths form the majority of exhibitors at the show, since this gives you the opportunity to exhibit your products and services in the most exquisite and elegant manner.

During the past years, we have however received many requests from travel agencies, small businesses and start-ups, who have a need for a meeting point, but not a classic booth.

We have therefore created the new “Walk & Talk” section, that offers the exhibitors, with smaller budget and needs, to take part in the Copenhagen Bike Show experience.

You can read more on the new exciting concept below.

Please notice all prices are exclusive VAT!


Booth size at the Copenhagen Bike Show are from 3×3 meters.

If you wish to have more space, it is simply a matter of combining more blocks together according to your needs.

The price per square metre stand is EUR 119,-

Early Bird discount: By booking before October 1, 2022 you can save EUR 10,- per square meter (m2) as an Early Bird.

Walk & Talk section

A 14 metres wide and 18 metres long section will be dedicated in front of the stage in the centre of Øksnehallen. The exhibitors can move freely among the high tables and display two roll-ups.

The Walk & Talk exhibitors do not have a table of their own but the opportunity to circulate among the visitors for gaining contact with potential customers by handing out print medias.

The price for exhibiting in this section is EUR 299,-
The Walk & Talk section offers space for 30 exhibitors.

Registration Fee

The registration fee per exhibitor is DKK 1,995.- per stand. (Equivalent to EUR 269,-)
There is no registration fee for “Walk & Talk” exhibitors

The fee includes stand equipment and services as stated below:

  • Power connector (power strip) 230 V, 10 A
  • Elegant backwall and wall to neighbour stand (1 m out of 3 m). Both made of drop paper.
  • Own presentation page on as well our Danish site as English site.
  • 1 Facebook post to your relevant target audience
  • 1 Instagram post to your relevant target audience
  • Exposure of your brand i fair catalogue
    (Also valid for exhibitors in “Walk & Talk” section)
  • Opportunity for further exposure through prize contributions to visitor quiz competitions
    (Also valid for exhibitors in “Walk & Talk” section)
  • Admission cards for your staff
    (Also valid for exhibitors in “Walk & Talk” section)