Movies are shown and presentations take place in the Acid Room located next to the entrance of Lokomotivværkstedet.

All presentations and movies are included in the ticket price. Around 130 chairs will be available according to the first come, first served principle.


10:00 The show opens

11:00 MOVIE: Cykelmyggen & Dansemyggen

13:00 MOVIE: Pantani: The Accidential Death of a Cyclist

15:00 Wake-Up Call for the Bike Industry
Presentation by Simon Søndergaard

16:00 Urban Arrow Bike Handover
By the Ambassador of the Netherlands in Denmark

17:00 Comfortable Riding Position with Bike Fit
Presentation by Tore Winther

18:00 My life as Sports Director
Presentation by Dan Frost

19:00 MOVIE: The Impossible Hour

20:00 The show closes


10:00 The show opens

11:00 MOVIE: Breaking Away

13:00 Health & Exercise
Presentation by Charlotte Bircow

14:00 Ups & Down of a Career
Presentation by Bo Hamburger

15:00 Good Manners on the Road
Presentation by DGI Cykling

16:00 MOVIE: Overcoming

18:00 The show closes


10:00 The show opens

11:00 Introduction to WATT Based Training
Presentation by Brian Overkær

12:00 Bike Enthusiasts Breakfast
Presentation by Mikael Jalving & Reimer Bo

13:00 Good Manners on the Road
Presentation by DGI Cykling

14:00 MOVIE: The Program

16:00 The show closes